March 2009: SXSW, FOTV, GDC, MIPTV


March is not over by a long shot.  As many are just now starting to enjoy MIPTV and CTIA (with daily blogging/video from Al Gore, Billy Crystal, EQAL, Endemol, ZillionTV, and everyone in between) and others are getting ready for the upfronts and NAB, below is the month in review for events that just passed.

Engage Expo 3/10-11

IPTV World Forum 3/25 -27

SXSW 3/13 – 22
You’d think of all the conferences, SXSW would be the one with the sharpest site in review, with immersive, comprehensive theatrical viewing of videos.  Not even close.  Still showing its 09 info as if the conference was still on and a navigational nightmare for anyone trying to find any coverage at all.  So its YouTube to the rescue, home of the citizen journalist.  Forget print, without YouTube, there’d be no democracy.   On YouTube, you can watch:
– Quincy Jones Keynote:
– Dad being the new mom:
– And this one on:
Here’s Flip/MySpace cfor SXSW Music:
Here’s Crackle for SXSW Film:
Lastly, here’s backlash from a group that’s not at SXSW: 

Media Summit 3/18 – 19
Digital Hollywood is one of my favorite conference organizers because not only are they’re conferences very exhaustive, but the producer, Victor Harwood, is extremely generous in putting up the videos and doing so right away.   Some conferences try to charge for this content which to me is illogical because of the time-sensitivity to what is said and the quantity of free that is out there.  Kudos DH for Media Summit.  Very good videos with Dauman, Ballmer, and Zucker.

Animation Army 3/22
Hey, this was my event at Titmouse Animation Studios featuring Carl Greenblatt, Executive Producer of Cartoon Network’s Chowder and Brian Piesch, Online Director of Telltale Games on the making of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, and it was awesome.  Every other month Emmy-winner, Disney animator Ron Noble gathers over 100 LA animators to check out the works of industry peers and welcomes you to drop in on the fun.  You can find out more at

OMMA 3/23 – 24
For those of you looking for paid filmmaking or writing assignments, below is a great Beet.TV video filmed at OMMA that introduces Demand Studios.  According to forum chatter, this content producer pays $15 per assigned article (200 words) and doles out 10-20 assignments a week to their best writers..less than the $2/word paid to magazine freelancers but better than CPM, and writer retains rights.  Easy to apply online, simply submit resume with writing sample.  Owned by Demand Media, claims to be the largest publisher of online video on YouTube.  Enjoy the video at:

FOTV West 3/24 – 25
As you may have guessed from previous posts I am a huge fan of Digital Media Wire events.  Chock full of expert analysis and the most effective speed networking around.   Video from this conference should be up on soon.  Also a great site to check out the scene from other events around town. 

GDC 3/23 – 27
As with all the conferences, the blogs are reporting that attendance was down at GDC from an all-time high last year of 18,000 to 17,000.  Still, nothing to sneeze at.  There is a great summary on the show highlights at Digital Media Wire that the game platforms to contend with are:  Wii at 50mm, XBLA at 30mm, PS3 at 21mm, iPhone at 14mm in 08 expected to be at 45mm by the end of 09, and Facebook with its 222mm.  They also have an interesting review on cloud-gaming featuring games on demand solutions from OnLive, which promises to be a step beyond GameTap.  Here’s Steve Perlman talking about it.  For those who missed GDC, Digital Media Wire has their 4/28-29 LA Games Conference coming up at the Hollywood Roosevelt with Nolan Bushnell, Founder, Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, Mitch Lasky, General Partner, Benchmark Capital, David Roberts, CEO, PopCap Games, and those you need to meet from Facebook, MySpace, Electronic Arts, Nokia, Best Buy, Paramount Pictures, and NBC Universal.  Hope to see ya there!

MIPTV 3/30-4/3
Mitch Berman of ZillionTV: 
WPP Sir Martin Sorrell’s Keynote: 

Web 2.0 Expo 3/31-4/3

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