iPhone Apps/Lyrics, Films, Fitness


My iPhone has become my best friend.  I lost 7lbs last month with the Lose It app, made friends on Scramble, and enjoy singalongs with the I Heart Radio app.   Along with its cool slot machine feature, shake for a station, I Heart Radio now sports an awesome lyrics tab.  The nuTsie Top 100s By Year app is also pretty cool.  Although its not the Billboard 100, for $1.99, it is a fun romp through the decades.  Since it’s internet radio you can’t select a song to play on demand, but if they serve up a dud, simply skip to the next, or change stations.   Lots of tv/film sites starting to get their apps on and you can now enjoy selections from:  Joost, TV.com, Cooliris, of course in addition to YouTube with the WikiTap tie-in.  Bummer, still no Hulu yet.  For fitness, some great stretch and tone routines are available for free from Nike and includes video demos and tracking.  Still on the wishlist list, a mirror, video recording, voiced GPS turn-by-turn directions, and audio record with more than a 60+ minute email feature.  Well there’s a break in the rain so I’m off to test the pedometers of some of these and will report back soon.


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