WonderCon/Best of Schwag


Did a sweep of WonderCon’s floor tonight to see what kind of goodies are in store for everyone this weekend, and there were many surprises.  Cool retail items included Tribbles (David Gerrold Media) in Booth 1246, Marvel’s Obama Spiderman Comics (BayAreaCollectibleShow.com) in Booth 344, Pokemon Tees (Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics) in Booth 241 and Pokeballs (Collectors Universe) in Booth 207.  The movie studios have volumes of schwag including Haunting journals at Lionsgate Booth 420, Warner Bros. Midnight Screening of the Watchmen (for which hundreds lined up for a chance to win a ticket) and Miramax who was the clear winner of Most Entertaining Booth with their “Beat a Miramax Staffer at Skee Ball and Win an Adventureland Tee” promotion.  Actually the studios left random schwag everywhere, a Knowing puzzle, Coraline deck of ABC cards and Jaman buttons for some nonobvious reason.  Best tattoos are Snoopy’s at The Charles M. Schulz Museum Booth 721.  Best stickers are at Derek’s Booth AA64.  Most enjoyable encounter was with Comic Book Artist Michael Aushenker, Author of Gumby’s Gang Pokey, a soon to be released comic book who was giving away personalized drawings as well as Gumby bookmarks.  EA has a sofa lounge and Capcom has a mature audiences den.   The exhibitors are pretty eclectic from autograph signing tables with Adam West 1412, Carrie Fisher 1307 and Mark Hamill 1408 to the Academy of Art’s spacious digs for CS4 seekers at Booth 641. Lots of creatures for hire roaming about like Darth Vadar.  Interesting sites discovered include http://www.roddenberry.com/comics, http://www.banterbiscuit.com, and a free comic book iPhone app at Keenspot.  Children’s Film Festival was promoting it’s Sa 3/14 event at Zeum, 221 4th, San Francisco.  Cartoon Art Museum was promoting its benefit party tonight.  All that said, the Best of Schwag goes to Telltale Games at Booth 644 for its giveaway of a Strong Bad game to every email provided, as well as a promise for a sneak peek at Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures.   Tomorrow, Steve Purcell of Sam & Max fame will be at the Telltale booth live and will draw from the fishbowl of emails one lucky winner for the giant autographed sculpture of Sam & Max.

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