Noise Pop, WonderCon Rocks SF


It’s a world class gorgeous day in San Francisco, the type of day where kids sell lemonade at the beach and everyone is smiling.  Sun is beaming down on the Castro as music industry folks are starting their day at Noise Pop’s Industry Noise to discuss indie music, technology and what’s working.  Produced by Bandwidth’s talented producer Ashli Lewis, the day’s lineup promises to be chock full of riffs.  On stage right now is Fat Mike, indie label owner of Fat Wreck Chords.  Then at 11am Rhapsody, RCA Music Group, Live 105, ASCAP, Zeitgeist.. look at the state of A&R, the role major labels play in breaking an artist, and strategies for promoting bands and generating revenue.  Merl Saunders Jr. of The Recording Academy (Grammy’s) drops in for mentoring at lunch, then at 1pm its Kevin Arnold at IODA moderating a panel of Wired, Limewire, Rhapsody..and on and on.  You can drop in on the action at the Swedish American Hall at 2174 Market, more details at  

At Noon, WonderCon kicks off just down the road at Moscone.  With over 30,000 in attendance last year in the pouring rain, this year’s promises to be even hipper.  The kickoff event (12pm, Rm 103) features the cast:  Henry Winkler (Fonzie), Kenan Thompson (SNL), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Josh Weinstein (Simpsons), Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development) and producers of the newest animated sitcom, Sit Down, Shut Up, debuting on Fox 4/19 8:30pm.  Then there’s:
– Survey of Superheroes (1pm, Rm 204, 206)
– Marvel Age of Comics (1:30pm Rm 220)
– Disney & The Art of 2D Fx (2:30pm, Rm 220)
– Greg Goodfried, EQAL’s lonelygirl15 and KateModern (3:30pm Rm 220)
– Trekkies (3:30pm Rm 104), Bandai Previews (4:30pm, Room 104)
– Marvel’s Bombshell 😮 (5pm Rm 103)
– SpongeBob crew and preview (5pm, Room 204, 206)
– Resident Evil 5 (6pm Rm 103)
– Wonder Woman/Green Lantern screening with cast and crew including Virginia Madsen (Sideways) and Emmy-winning animation legend Bruce Timm (6pm Esplanade)
– Star Wars:  Last Fan Movie Standing hosted by Lucasfilm’s Mary Franklin (8:15-9:45pm Esplanade Ballroom)

And the weekend hasn’t even begun.  Saturday highlights include:  
– From Fan to Creator (11am Rm 204/206)
– Warner Bros. Watchmen Cast & Crew (11:30am Esplanade Ballroom)
– Street Fighter IV & The Capcom Crew (11:30am Rm 103)
– Comic Book Heaven Live:  Best ways to Shoot a Space Monster (11:30am Rm 236/238)
– Michael Chabon & Matt Fraction (12:30pm Rm 103)
– R2D2 Droid Building Basics (12:30pm Rm 236/238)
– Astro Boy (12:30pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Pandorum with Cast & Crew (1pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Vintage Sci Fi Alien Trespass with Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), Dan Lauria (Wonder Years) (1:30pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– EA’s Dante’s Inferno (2pm Rm 104)
– Portfolio Reviews with Troy Alders, Art Director, Lucas Licensing (2-4pm Rm 214)
– Star Trek sneak peak and surprise guest (2pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Japanese Superheroes (2:30pm Rm 236/238)
– Focus Features 9 animated fantasy epic with Elijah Wood (2:45pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Spectacular Spiderman cast and crew Q&A (3pm Rm 103)
– Sergio, Mark, Stan (3pm Rm 232/234)
– Live Art Jam (3:30pm Rm 220)
– It Came From 1979 (3:30pm Rm 236/238)
– Pixar’s Up screening with Director Pete Docter, opens 5/29 in Disney Digital 3D (3:30pm Espalande Ballroom)
– Terminator Salvation cast & crew (4:30pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Crackle’s Angel of Death with Ed Brubaker, Zoe Bell (5pm Rm 103)
– How a Comic Is Made (5pm Rm 204/206)
– Comics Podcasting (5pm Rm 220)
– Video Game Design (5:30pm Rm 236/238)
– Star Wars (5:30m Esplanade Ballroom)
– Nintendo (6pm Rm 104)
– PT Creative Work/shop (6pm Rm 204/206)
– WonderCon Masquerade (8:30-11pm Esplanade Ballroom)

And on Sunday, highlights include:

– Drawing Star Wars (11:30am Rm 204/206)
– Comics for Kids (11:30am Rm 232/234)
– X- Men (12pm Rm 103)
– Super Capers with Adam West (Batman) (12pm Rm 104)
– Emily the Strange (1pm Rm 220)
– Chuck cast & crew (1pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Portfolio Reviews with Troy Alders, Art Director, Lucas Licensing (2-4pm Rm 214)
– Terminator:  Sarah Connor Chronicles cast and crew screening (2pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Copyrights (2:30pmRm 204/206)
– Harper’s Island cst & crew screening (2:45pm Esplanade Ballroom)
– Cartoon Network’s League of Super Evil cast & crew screening (3pm Rm 104)
– Starship Smackdown(3:30pm Rm 103)
– Godzilla (4pm Rm 220)
– WonderCon Talkback (4pm Rm 232/234)
– Buffy the Musical screening (4pm Esplanade Ballroom)

And there’s so much more action on the floor.  Be sure to stop by the Telltale Games Booth 644 for awesome schwag as they get ready to launch Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures.  WonderCon is a great deal for all of the action-packed entertainment it provides, $40 walk-up pass for everything.  Hours are F 12-7pm, Sa 10-7pm, Su 11-5pm.  More details at

So enjoy the sunshine, the panels, the screenings and the fabulous NoisePop concerts.  I’ll be blogging live later and posting whatever audio/video becomes available.

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