And The Winner Is…


The show was warm and fuzzy if not awkward at times, the staging dramatic, but the real winner of the night was the synced updates on  So even if you were in a restaurant without a tv, and couldn’t stream the flash on your phone, you could still get the winners blow by blow.  That made it fun.  I found everyone I ran into that night talking excitedly about the Oscars on one level or another.  They scored with ad dollars as well.  My only gripes were that Peter Gabriel should have won for Wall E, and that it seems a bit archaic to have still have the actors in order of importance ahead of the actresses.  I was very happy that The Visitor got some recognition.  That film owes its success not only to a surprise twist in plot and a visionary director who makes quality low-budget films in the $500,000-2mm range (Thomas McCarthy, The Station Agent), but to the gamble and brilliant marketing of Overture who despite having only a B-rated actor (now Oscar-nominee Richard Jenkins) got it vast exposure and impressive distribution (an entire wall at Blockbuster under new releases, video interviews on Amazon, DGA screening with McCarthy).  Kudos all around.


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