Gripes, gripes and more gripes


As dramatic as the Djokovic melt down, Serena’s triumphs, and Federer’s tears at AO 09 were the trials and tribulations of the online timeshifter in search of the midnight matches. really needs to pay attention to audience demands for front and center online streaming. Same can be said for the Grammys.  The best moment of the night was a very pregnant MIA bopping around on stage with Kayne West, Jay-Z and the rest.  But where was the instant reply.  Only on YouTube, grainy, warped, and much much later.   Progress is being made for the Content NOW generation, but it’s a slow crawl.  So we have a Hulu-like free movie streaming iPhone app with Joost.  Good selection of titles (Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, Gattaca, Men In Black, Go…), great GUI, but works only over WiFi.  Not too cool in a city like San Francisco which has spotty coverage, it’s a tease.  Lastly, what’s stopping the publishers (e.g. Warner Music) from producing music videos with scrolling lyrics?  Why can’t the distributor (e.g. Rhapsody) get a sync license to scroll the lyrics themselves.  They are forcing the masses to rely on YouTube moxie for friends and family singalongs.


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