YouTube/Mashup Moshpit


YouTube, that irreverant conduit of free expression, has scored big as a forum for fans to enjoy their favorite media the way they want to enjoy it, not necessarily the way big media delivers it, and sometimes with far better results. Mashups of movie trailers and captioned music videos are two trends having industry take note.

Stardust (2007), a surprise sleeper at the box office with its lush cinematography, fresh storyline, and captivating performances from Michelle Pfieffer and Robert de Niro, has enjoyed considerable resurrection by ardent fans who are posting on YouTube remixed footage scored with songs about stars that are not part of the film’s official soundtrack.  So original and professional, it feels studio produced and yet are more compelling.  Two of the best of these mashups are:  Stardust – Falling Star (Jet) with video editing by LHINNEILL and Stardust – Catch a Falling Star (Block) with video editing by  These promotional videos are so entertaining, they drove us to buy the DVD.

Another interesting trend is the posting of music videos captioned by fans to allow for singalongs. Online music sites have just not delivered the Karaoke experience fans want…to sit around with friends while lyrics scroll across favorite music videos.  The current options are the homages at YouTube and the shared experience at MySpace/Karaoke.  Finding the links to lyrics on Rhapsody, in comments on imeem, or pasting in from Google, is more than most want to do.  Sync licensing issues or not, if industry doesn’t deliver soon, some enterprising fan is going to innovate.  And according to EFF, mashups are fair use.  

So long live EFF, long live YouTube.

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