Sofa Blogging Sundance


Cupertino is a balmy 72 degrees and Park City is freezing.  So in this age of the mobile producer, you’d think you’d be able to create a Virtual Sundance with all the tweets, postings and videos of those that do go.  Not so.  All I found was Ashton Kutcher’s, ten days of free shorts screenings at, some bites from Hollywood & Fine, SlashFilm and crumbs from Sundance Live 09. But where is everyone else?  Who is covering the scene.  Few, if any, thanks to Obama-mania.  

Tickets are still available to the star-studded screenings of:
Lymelife (Culkins, Alec Baldwin, Scorcese)
I Love You Phillip Morris (Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor)
Moon (Bowie)
Big Fan (Patton Oswalt)
Shrink (Kevin Spacey)
Paper Heart (Michael Cera)
When You’re Strange (Doors)

Some great panels this year with Kara Swisher, Steven Soderbergh and Steve Kirsner.  Festival events are listed at and you can get tips on where to stay, where to eat and where to party at the JetSetReport and the Festival Virgin’s Guide ( or try finding a PDF of Sundance’s Daily Insider.

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