Browsers Battle Evil Everyday


It was a packed room at the Churchill Club last night in Silicon Valley as 280 suits from Microsoft, Cisco, Google, PwC and other tech cos dropped in to hear the latest on Opera, Chrome, IE & Firefox. Mike Shaver of Mozilla talked about its mission as a public benefit organization (goodspeak for nonprofit) entrusted with Netscape’s code to make the internet accessible to everyone. Sundar Pichai of Google talked about developing Chrome as a browser to support Google’s killer apps, and bragged about lightning speed. Christen Krogh of Opera beamed as he shared an inspiring story of a guy in Africa earning a living converting old cell phones into internet devices with Opera Mini. And Steve Wildstrom of BusinessWeek informed us Safari was absent by choice. I was really hoping there’d be more talk on Flash but the hot topic turned out to be security and things got very interesting when Dean Hachamovitch of Microsoft declared surfing the riskiest thing users do on the computer and begged the audience to heed the warnings of the browser in all its cryptic language.  Soon he promised, browsers will scream, in plain language and all caps, ‘DON’T CLICK HERE, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.’ For that alone you should watch the video when it posts.

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