ZOMG: Adobe not at Macworld, not at Sundance


At first glance, it seems very omninous, doesn’t it.  Adobe not at Macworld, not at Sundance.  But was Adobe even missed at Macworld?  Although Macworld won’t be releasing numbers for two more months, the feeling was that attendance was off from the 48,000 attendees and 479 exhibitors in 2008. The aisles were walkable.  There were open seats in front at the Keynote.  There were empty 10x10s leading up to the renew booth.  But that just meant last minute adds were possible like that of Sun and iStyle. CES was down too, off 22% with just 110,000 visitors.  Empty Vegas airport, no taxi queues. Who is complaining?  And as for Sundance, those coveted Festival Passes, impossible to get in prior years, were still available just weeks ago.  Sundance is likely to get less than the 45,000 visitors that attended last year.  Robert Redford says “So what!”  (I’m paraphrasing)  Truth is, for the lucky that do go, reduced attendance means less crowds. And the less crowded, the better.  In the end, Adobe may have made the right choice hunkering down considering CS4 sales.  But more power to those like Google/YouTube that are giving their sponsorship and getting more of the spotlight.  Good times are not that far off, and it will be these tough times when we make our biggest advances.


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