CES Lite/Palm Pre, LG Watch Phone, Yahoo! ConnectedTV, 3Dality & Cisco EOS


As sleepy CES wraps, take note that baby steps are a good thing in a downtown.  The biggest news at CES this year actually got a real-time gasp in the Macworld media room last week.  The Palm Pre, a touchscreen phone with QWERTY keyboard, MMS, cut-and-paste, 3MP and Amazon Music Store, is definitely a leap in the right direction, but without video capture and Flash, noone is giving up their iPhone 3G just yet.  I was surprised that the uber-cool Dick Tracy LG Watch Phone didn’t get more of a reaction with 3G internet access, video capture and MP3.  Aside from Yahoo! TV due out this Spring with Toshiba, Samsung and the like, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Katzenberg and John Lasseter taking the stage at the Sony Keynote, 3Dality and Cisco EOS demos, there wasn’t much more to shout out about. Best coverage goes to Variety, CNET, PCWorld and AllThingsD.  Big Fuel, the ad agency dedicated to building devotional consumer brand relationships, also did a good job with their blog, www.contenttocommerce.com.  Videos from the Digital Hollywood panels should post soon and  when they do, we’ll put the link here.

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