Macworld/Beautiful Products by Design…


We woke this morning to Leo Laporte (Twit) and his inspiring remarks for the era of media participation, content creation and consumption.  Most enjoyable were his stylish slides and an all-knowing voice.  The audience left sunny and ready for another fun day on the expo floor.  

Having spent the past two days in South Hall, I decided to start this day up North where music was the focus.  First stop was the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus with its immersive presentation of kids writing music, recording it and producing a music video all in the course of one-day on the bus.  Next up was the Digital Media Academy offering a music video class this summer for kids on the Lennon Bus at Stanford.  You can check out their computer classes on the hour (FCP, Affect Effects, Logic Pro…)  North Hall is so filled with fantastic experiences that to mitigate sensory overload, right in the center of the floor is the W Chill Out Lounge with sofas, checkers and Rubiks Cubes.  I sat for awhile to plan my tour of the floor.

There were eye-catching gotta have products everywhere including iStyle Softwear (brilliantly packaged tees designed to look like software, truly a fun gift), Vestalife‘s Red Ladybug Speakers (Winner, iLounge Best of Show), Psyclops iPod Cases that offer a Webkins-like experience and come alive online and on your iPod (can’t wait for the iPhone app & cases which promise to be out soon), iPopperz earbuds with colorful characters available at Claire’s and InMotion, Tunewear to hang your iPhone/iPod around your neck, FoneGear‘s GreenGear with cozy wool jackets that encase iPhone/iPod (like a teddy bear who won’t break when flung off the bed), Richard Solo’s iPhone Battery Boost (at $20 and small, it was the hottest selling item), MiMobot designer USB flash drives, Eye-Fi WiFi Memory Cards, Mobigrip bungee loops, Griffin‘s Air Curve speaker dock and Elan Convertible case, XSKN Soft Touch Keyboards, Bud Covers and Cases, and Uniea Haptique Hard Shell Case for MacBooks.

Debuting iPhone apps include EcoCal (a rich nature calendar), Viximo‘s True Flirt which will make you fall in love with dandelion blowing, and Vixml editor for developing snackable iPhone apps. Even more exciting, soon, Viximo will be offering user-developed apps distribution in the iTunes App Store.  The most amazing app of the day was TruPhone which turns any new iPod Touch with iPhone 3g headphones into a cell phone that can send and receive calls for free or pennies per call. The creator of TruPhone, James Tagg, is actually manning his own booth.  So if you’re a fan, stop by and let him know.  

As for the daily schwag, the winner today was the Lennon Bus for its schwag bag runneth over with speakers, headphones, CD-R, Rockband bandana and wristband.  In second place was Innovelis for their Bud Fits, and for its laser pen and elegant key locks.  In third place was BlueLounge for its sylish cord manager and Simplism‘s cable yoyo (a Japanese iPhone charger designer in need of a US distributor).  Honorable mentions go to Wasabi for its guitar pick and Wazabee for its drumsticks.  Best button goes to EVE.  Best stickers go to Blurb and Mimobot.  Best tee shirts go to iStyle Softwear (win one with a high score at Rock Band) and Digital Media Academy.  

The best schmoozing of the day was in the media room which IDG and the media room front line staff deserve much credit for. Here, Bloggers and journalists from around the globe are given vast space to write, collaborate, eat, post and podcast. It’s also the place to get the scoop on the party scene.  For tonight, top picks seem to be:  Blurb at Thirsty Bear, Mac Mingle, MacRadio, Netter’s Dinner and Your Mac Life.  

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