Macworld/The Daily Schwag


AOL wins “Best of Schwag” today with their USB powered Lava Lamp 1438s.  Sling Media in second with their iPhone case 1438s.  POS IM in third with their ‘better to display than eat’ rock jelly beans 2417s.  Honorable mention to the guys from Flappie for really hip tees, Peachpit for bunny ears that even dogs and babies were wearing 812s, Parallels for red juggle sacks 2138s, Case-Mate for rocket toys 1912S, Other World Computing for twirlie flyers 2218S, Kensington for best pen and light button 2232s, for a 1gb thumb drive, iKlear for antimicrobial cloth/wipes 1443s, 7×7 for a free one year subscription 2610s, and Griffin for plush puffins 1902s.  There’s more.  Stay tuned, moving through South Hall and heading North tomorrow.

Most entertaining speakers were Steve Wozniak at Axiotron and David Pogue at O’Reilly.   Best iPhone app in action was clearly Shazam which accurately named MGMT Electric Feel at the end of the Keynote.   And in a bold move to stay relevant and recognize the Apple creative community, NATPE also presented two conference panels, “TV, Mobile & The iPhone” and “So You Want to Sell Your Idea to Television.”  When the videos post, We’ll put the links here.

FEED ME.  As the lights dimmed at 6pm, there was a mass exodus for free pizza, chicken quesadillas, burger bites, spinach and chips, and egg rolls at Jillian’s compliments of Macrumors who had a tough morning.  At 6:30pm, as the food dwindled down, the crowd moved to Harlot’s on Minna for the iPhone Intelligence Party.  I walked over with the guys from, the iPhone games review site. Here everyone got a free drink thanks to ngmoco, FreeVerse and MotionX, and the gamers settled into sofas to chit chat.  Meanwhile, the Hear Planet double decker party bus parked outside with chips, pretzels, beer, reggae and transport to the 8pm MacWorld Bast Party at 888 Minna the only pay party of the night if you couldn’t get comped by its sponsors.  Last stop was at iSkin who opened doors to everyone at 9pm.

Many are flying off to CES tomorrow but I’ll still be with you here, live blogging Macworld til the very end.

3 Responses to “Macworld/The Daily Schwag”

  1. It was great meeting up with you today and thanks a lot for the shout out. Just one question, now that you have one, isn’t the super-hip Flappie-T better than a bag of jellybeans?

    Have a great time at the rest of MacWorld!

    Flappie Out!

  2. 2 Tim

    Went to Cirque du Mac for a late quick visit and it was packed with a ton of ‘I’m a Mac’ people. The drinks were flowing and the band was fun but loud. Even me, I’m a PC, had a fun time.

    Since I’m a PC, I would be remiss if I did not at least suggest you Check out this video from the Onion (a spoof news show) has produced their best video to-date. Watch their story, Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard,


  3. Thank you for the mention of Peachpit’s Bunny Ears. We had a blast giving those out!

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