Keynote Needs Steve


“Bring Back Steve Jobs!” That was the sign the sad lady held as the Macworld Keynote wrapped up. The only surprise was Tony Bennett closing the show with tears in his eyes singing “The Best is Yet to Come” and “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” Jolly Phil Schiller was characteristically unapologetic with an anticlimatic presentation introducing us to nothing more than marginal upgrades in the MBP 17″, (battery now 8 hrs, 1000 cycles but integrated, 256gb flash drive, 6.6 lbs) shipping at month end with iLife 09 (with iMovie audio editing, downloadable piano/guitar lessons from Sting et al), a move toward SAAS with, and all songs DRM free by quarter end. Boring! At one point while introducing Tony Bennett I am sure I heard Phil Schiller say “fitting for this last Macworld.” Doesn’t he mean Apple’s last Macworld. IDG is still planning 2010 and maybe they’ll pay Steve Jobs to deliver the celebrity keynote. Why not end on a high note with heartfelt thanks to Apple’s die-hard fans. Then the audience would have cheered, really cheered Tony Bennett who was awesome.  Apple, still a work in process.  The somber mood reflecting a long year ahead through murky economic waters before the golden sun shines again.  Watch the whole thing here.

2 Responses to “Keynote Needs Steve”

  1. Without Steve I agree it isn’t a Keynote. Apple didn’t seem to be on their “A” game for their last Macworld. Also unfortunately some liveblogging of the Keynote from sites like MacRumors were hacked — we stayed up though with ours 😉

  1. 1 Bring back Steve Jobs | Backblaze Blog

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