Macworld Picks


Monday, January 5
6-8pm  Macworld Media Reception*
6-8pm  Showstoppers*

Tuesday, January 6
9-10:30  Keynote/Phil Schiller, Apple Product Guy, Moscone West
11  $20 Tie-Dye Macworld Tees go on sale, South Hall Lobby Store
11:30  Joy of Multiple iTunes Libraries, O’Reilly 2210S
12-1  Steve Wozniak, Axiotron, 502S
12-2  Filemaker Media Lunch*
1-1:45  Little Kids Rock, Music Studio, 4302N
1-2  CS4 Dreamweaver, O’Reilly 2210S
2-2:45  CS4 After Effects, Lennon Bus, 4528N
2-3  CS4 Photoshop, O’Reilly, 2210S
3-4  Michael Rubin, Digital Video, Peachpit, 812S
3-4  David Pogue, iPhone, O-Reilly, 2210S 
3-5  Guy Kawasaki, Microsoft Lounge, 632S
4-6  JAMF Software Media Reception*
4:30  CS4 Flash
6 Hear Planet Party Bus to parties, DJ, drinks, snacks
6:30  Finale Bash w/MacRumors, Jillian’s Metreon, food
7-11  iPhone Intel w/ngmoco, Freeverse, MotionX. Harlot, 46 Minna, free drink
8-11  Macworld Blast w/CDW, Lynda, AOL, $40 2 drinks (free tickets at AOL 1438s)
9 open to all  iSkin Party @ Fluid Ultra Lounge, 662 Mission

Wednesday, January 7
9-10  David Pogue, NYT, Room 134, Hall E
9:30-11  FUZE/CallWave Media Breakfast*
11:30  Pimp My Slide, O’Reilly, 2210S
12:30  WordPress Blogging, Peachpit, 812S
1-1:45  i.TV Press Conference*
1-2  CS4 PS Lightroom, O’Reilly, 2210S
1:30  Speck Quiz, 1838S
2-3  CS4 Photoshop, Wiley, 637S
3-4  Best of Show, Room 134 Hall E
4-6  CallWave/FUZE Reception, 2502S
5-6  Macworld 2010 Town Hall, Gateway Ballroom Room 102
5-8  TweetUp, House of Shields, 39 New Montgomery
6-9 Swanky Party, St Regis, 125 Third, Gallery 1, Level 2
6:15-8  MacHEADS movie premiere, 131N
6:30-7  BOF6 PitchTV, South Hall Esplanade
8-12 Cirque Du Mac, Broadway Studios, 435 Broadway
8-2  EFF Birthday Bash, DNA Lounge, 375 11th, $25 donation,

Thursday, January 8
9-10  Leo Laporte, This Week in TECH, Room 134 Hall E
10-11  CS4 Illustrator, Peachpit, 812S
11:30  Free iPod Stuff, O’Reilly, 2210S
12-1  Create Compelling Stories for Film, TV & The Web
2:30  MacGeek Gab Podcast, 3036N
4-4:45  Intro to Maya 3D Modeling, Lennon Bus, 4528N
5:40  MacRadio Meetup, South Lobby Party Bus to Cheiftain Irish Pub, 198 5th
7-9:30  Welcome to Macintosh movie premiere, Sundance Cinemas, $10
7-11  MacMingle w/MacSpeech @ Jillian’s Metreon 

Friday, January 9
11-11:45  FCP Intro, Lennon Bus, 4528N
12-12:45  Motion Compositing & Animation, Lennon Bus, 4528N
1-2  Drive Savers, UG Lounge, 250S
1-2  Social Corp:  Social Media Goes Corporate, Peachpit, 812S
2:30-3  Photoshop Blend Modes, O’Reilly 2210S 
7/7:30  The Crunchies (not related to Macworld but an awesome party nonetheless)

* media only
many thanks to the Hess Memorial website by

One Response to “Macworld Picks”

  1. 1 MacSpeechJay

    Cool list! Thanks for highlighting these events for us showgoers. I can only make the Thursday MacMingle for about an hour, but it should be fun (and noisy!).

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