SD Forum scores with XBox, Guitar Hero


SD Forum is just that hidden gem of a speakers soapbox one is thrilled to have stumbled upon when in Silicon Valley.  Their games conference at Microsoft was packed with precious nuggets on shifts toward social gaming and use of Facebook Connect.  There was much excitement about iPhone and XBox revolutionizing indie game development and distribution, gripes about dealing with the walled gardens of the carriers, java hassles and the impossibility of working with 700 handsets.  As Apple was praised for emerging as a games company, smiles popped up around the multitasking audience whose eyes remained fixed on their phones.  Worry over luke warm Black Friday results were murmured about as conversation moved to how to make money in a down market.  Forbes got a great interview with industry guru Bernie Stolar who led the chant for costs to come down arguing for a move away from the $25 million production/$60 retail box model toward more software-as-a-service episodic piloting.  Activision, proving its good to be king, sat smuggly during that debate.  A big fan of the Wii, Stolar urged the audience to make games that are fun and playable and forget demographic.  Fun, with a capital F, is the name of the game, and story.  The audience was chock full of game developers and VCs enjoying the cushy stadium seating and speedy 3G reception, and no one went hungry.   Video is now posted on  Watch for video of USC’s hilarious ‘Fowl Play‘ with its beautiful imagery and compelling soundtrack in the afternoon session.  It’s the only place to view it.

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