Speaking Like Steve Jobs


Are you getting ready to present at a high-profile event?  Want to dazzle ’em like Steve Jobs.  The best kept secret in Silicon Valley is Toastmasters where many of the world’s leading companies open their doors in the interest of creating more confident, poised and effective presenters and leaders.  Informative and entertaining, weekly Toastmaster meetings give participants a supportive environment to hone one’s pitch and perfect one’s deck.  These intimate forums allow participants to learn from a mix of peers with a wide range of experience.  At Apple’s Macintalkers, one can even practice creating cinematic presentations with Keynote on a Mac, the same software used by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth.  Here is just a sample of Silicon Valley Toastmaster meetings but you can find one to suit your specific needs worldwide at Toastmasters.org: Cisco Tu 12pm, Sun Microsystems Tu 12pm, NatSemi Tu 12pm, Adobe W 12pm, Apple W 5:30pm, HP Th 12pm, F 7:30am.

5 Responses to “Speaking Like Steve Jobs”

  1. 1 Barry

    I highly recommend Toastmasters whether you’re an accomplished speaker or just starting out. You’ll learn crucial leadership skills, too. I’ve been going to the Apple TM group for a few months and they’re incredibly supportive and lots of fun.

  2. 2 Jessica

    Toastmasters meetings are invaluable. I’m able to listen to different speaking styles and learn from them. I also have the opportunity to speak and practice what I’ve learned whether it be a 1-2 minute Table Topic session or a formal speech. I’ve been attending the Apple TM meetings and I just signed up as a member.

  3. 3 Vishali

    I have been going to Macintalkers Toastmasters group since a few months now. I find the group very supportive and encouraging. It has helped me a lot in overcoming the fear of public speaking and overall it is a fun and educating experience.

  4. 4 Tara

    I’ve been a Toastmasters member on and off since 1998 and still feel like I am growing as a speaker and a leader with TM. The Macintalkers club is (IMHO) one of the best in the bay area. High quality meetings and welcoming and supportive members, great for both experienced and beginners. It’s a good idea to check out several clubs so you can find the right one for you. TM is one of the weekly activities on my calendar I really look forward to!

  5. Toastmasters is completely different from what I expected – it’s so much more.
    The format is friendly yet built for success: you’re evaluated on your speech content, structure, but also on your gestures, your vocal variety; things you wouldn’t be able to judge yourself unless you spent your life recording yourself speaking within pre-set times (and who does?).
    More than an evaluation and a progression towards better public speaking skills, you learn to listen, to evaluate others, which gives you incredible insights on how you would speak. Being evaluated by your peers also helps you understand what others expect from 5mn of their time, and make your evaluations, in turn, much more valuable. These are skills that can be applied in many areas of your life, and have been incredibly valuable in my management track.
    I highly recommend Macintalkers because it is a constantly rewarding path which I am proud to share with other fascinating Macintalkers. We have a rich, diverse group representative of Silicon Valley diversity, and that alone is worth it!

    So come on – here’s a a Toast to you Macintalkers, and see you next week!

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