Digital Hollywood: Winner, Best of Breed


If you are involved with monetizing content, Digital Hollywood is a must.  168 speakers for $785 (less for early registration) with 1500 passing through from major media, brand managers, agencies, and producers. In just 4 days you can get much of your business done and the non-stop seven person panels (4 per hour) keep you very current.   This week everyone seemed to be there, including many from: Hulu, Fancast, AOL, Sony, Fox, Disney ABC, NBCU, CBS Interactive, Discovery, Showtime, Turner, MTV, MySpace, HBOlab, Funny or Die, SpiralFrog, RealNetworks/Rhapsody, Meebo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Getty Images, Break Media, Heavy, Sling Media, Jaman, PBS, HSN, TidalTV, Veoh,, Pandora, Gracenote, Mobix, Twitter, Microsoft, Lionsgate, IMAX, Paramount, WMA, Yahoo!, Google, YouTube, Current, Filmaka, Ogilvy, MobiTV, Nokia, Verizon, Nabbr, Vator.TV, Cisco, Intel Capital, Motorola, Adobe, HP, IBM, Kwanzoo, Jivox, Withoutabox, Brightcove, The Platform… Poolside chatter included the Sequoia presentation, Lobby 2.0 which was secretly meeting in Hawaii, and AFM which was already setting up at the Loews.  Luckily, Victor Harwood who does a fantastic job with Digital Hollywood hosts programs year round including CES.  For video, visit

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